Story Behind Making $4.3 million Dollars In 2 Years Working Part-Time Online Selling Products That I Don’t Even Know How To Use...

Why I’m Doing This Video

This video is meant to create interest in my new school called Money Smarts School for you to enroll. You see, my success wasn’t special…Yes, I did make $4.3 million Dollars In 2 Years Working Part-Time Online Selling Products That You Don’t Even Know How To Use...what’s the secret? I’ll tell you how in minute but the truth is I just got coaching from people who have done it and now I want to be like my mentors to share with people who want to do it for themselves in my new school.

Like many, I grew up poor. I was born in Tay Ninh, VN. At 5, I came to America under H.O. 5 in 1991. Everyone focused on getting book smarts but I did that too until one day I got a scholarship funded by billionaires who flew me out to Washington DC to realize that if I wanted money to help my family and society, I needed more than book smarts, it need to learn what have what my billionaire and millionaire mentors got... it was Money Smarts.

Coming back from DC, I was 18 years old graduating HS but on a mission to get Money Smarts. I got lucky. I got mentored, trained, certified, and licensed in life, health, property and casualty insurance, security investments and even real estate with mortgages… while people get these licenses to become sales people, I got them to educate myself and my family from bad advice because I don’t want salespeople to take advantage of my ignorance. I use my knowledge of money to start and grow businesses and create different streams of active and passive income online and offline as well as flipping houses. This was the start and foundation for how I was about to make $4.3 million dollars part time online while still going to USC full time and graduated within 4 years. I refused to be the millionaire college drop out (my parents would let me if I tried), I wanted to prove to myself that I can be both and I barely did it...graduating on time and making millions.

Look, I certainly didn’t have book smarts, it took me 2 years to finish kindergarten, and was tested to read at 1st grade level when I was in 7th grade! So Money Smarts was my direct plan for having money...I wasn’t smart in school.

I am sure you are much smarter and our community is smart, capable, and motivated WHO CAN start and grow businesses, create more income streams beyond the paycheck to paycheck…. WHO know that timing is right to have your money working harder for you to invest in something but the missing link is what to do, how to do it, and where to get started now...

I am honored to have helped many but due to time, I can’t everyone so my rates have shot up to be $2500/hr with minimum $5,000 monthly retainer... so basically I wasn’t helping the people who needed me the most...which is against the very reason why I wanted to help in the first place. So how I usually help is accepting lunch and dinner invitations where I am happy to give consulting but of course I can only help so much as I only have 1 dinner and 1 lunch a day right?..that gets filled up too! This is why I have created Money Smarts School to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

How Money Smarts School Works

For a low month to month tuition that you can cancel anytime, our online school allows anyone anywhere to get the most up to date training and coaching for how to make more, better manage, and invest money through Weekly LIVE coaching, Daily Question & Answers, Monthly Masterclass Trainings, and Access to my private Millionaire & Billionaire mentors who will serve as our special guest instructors for you. Of course, all Live sessions and trainings are recorded so everyone enrolled in the school will have 247 access to it to learn at their best time.

Topics We Focus On

  1. Starting & Growing Businesses
  2. Marketing & Sales
  3. Business & Personal Finance & Accounting
  4. Management & Leadership

Starting & Growing Businesses

  • Model Strategy
  • Offer
  • Marketing
  • Team
  • Tools

Marketing & Sales

  • Strategy
  • Number
  • Place
  • Time
  • Target
  • Sales Pitch
  • Tools & Systems

Business & Personal Finance & Accounting

  • Revenue Model(S)
  • Reporting
  • Capitalizing
  • Me, Inc.

Management & Leadership

  • People!
  • Hiring/Recruiting
  • Training/Coaching
  • Retaining

How much is it?

We can agree it should be expensive to out in perspective, I charge private clients at least 60k a year to work With me but I want this MSS to level the playing field for everyone to win at the game of money. So the price is $297 (taking $10 lunch price x 30 days) which was the best advice I got… find a mentor or coach that I want to learn from and take them out to lunch and do it daily...that’s how I came up with our school’s low month to month tuition.

Look, I’ll be direct, success isn’t easy or is it quick. All I can do is encourage you to get started as how much time have we all “wait for the right time” For me, the right time never comes just like waiting for luck… I had to just make it my time and choose to create my luck despite all the negativity around me… I chose to be in control of my life... Now is your time, get started so you can get going towards your dreams and goals. Deep down inside you know you are made for success and got that it takes, that’s you…

If you believe in yourself and have dreams that you feel this school can help you, it would be my honor to be apart of your success. To hold me accountable, I will guarantee it. This is the only school that will refund your school tuition money if you don’t get right value back.

If all this school does for you each month is give you 1 idea, 1 direction, 1 strategy, 1 model, 1 knowledge, 1 source, 1 tool, 1 contact, 1 skill, 1 news, 1 something...that will make everything click, created a business, grow a business, save you from a bad advice, save money, protect money, get money for college/ business startup, fix your marketing, see money where you didn’t see to claim it, wouldn't be worth it?

So if you have a need that you think I might help you, test me and challenge me and see if I can actually help you. Enroll for just 1 month and if I can’t, I'll refund you and you lose nothing. The bigger the problem or challenge, the better for me as I love to solve business and money problems. As long as you are not lazy, negativity, and find excuses for your problems and willing to put effort with your desires, I can help. Our school is full of great people so we all look forward to have you join us and succeed together! You are not alone on your journey anymore...I’ve been there, I understand, and I know how to get through it...

I honor you and look forward to personally working with you to build success together.

The only limits we have are the limits we set for ourselves,


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